24 Feb, 2024
1 min read

The secondhand clothing market is exploding

Growth in the market for used clothing might outpace fast fashion as more consumers become aware of the environmental, social, and economic benefits of thrift shopping. The global secondhand apparel market is expected to grow 127% by 2026, three times faster than the apparel market overall, according to a recent report by thredUP, an online […]

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How The Thames, Once a ‘Zombie River,’ Was Brought Back to Life

AROUND 200 YEARS AGO, DURING the Industrial Revolution, London’s River Thames was both a hub of trade and transport and a dumping ground for human excretion and industrial waste. The cradle of England’s industrial heritage was quickly becoming a glorified sewer. The stench was so unbearable during the sweltering summer of 1858 that it forced […]

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A new way to swiftly eliminate micropollutants from water

The benchmark method to treat micropollutants in water is activated carbon. However, making filters with activated carbon is energy-intensive, requiring very high temperatures in large, centralized facilities. Gokhale says approximately “four kilograms of coal are needed to make one kilogram of activated carbon, so you lose a significant amount of carbon dioxide to the environment.” […]