24 Feb, 2024
1 min read

How The Thames, Once a ‘Zombie River,’ Was Brought Back to Life

AROUND 200 YEARS AGO, DURING the Industrial Revolution, London’s River Thames was both a hub of trade and transport and a dumping ground for human excretion and industrial waste. The cradle of England’s industrial heritage was quickly becoming a glorified sewer. The stench was so unbearable during the sweltering summer of 1858 that it forced […]

1 min read

A new way to swiftly eliminate micropollutants from water

The benchmark method to treat micropollutants in water is activated carbon. However, making filters with activated carbon is energy-intensive, requiring very high temperatures in large, centralized facilities. Gokhale says approximately “four kilograms of coal are needed to make one kilogram of activated carbon, so you lose a significant amount of carbon dioxide to the environment.” […]