Why are more Indian couples choosing to marry in Mexico?

I think that Mexico offers a higher level of hospitality and the trend is to have experiences that include different wedding days where the bride and groom can get to know better their guests and discover new experiences in the destination. These might include tourist attractions, a trip to Xochimilco or Teotihuacán before the wedding day; an icebreaker on a large terrace, in a skyscraper or in one of the many parks we have in the city. Then the main wedding day is celebrated, and afterward there is a brunch or some other tourist activity.  I think this trend is occurring all over Mexico, not just in Mexico City, and as long as there is a guide who can orient and help execute this multi-day experience with good logistics, I think Indian weddings in Mexico will be the trend for the next ten years. They will continue to take place in big venues, with big productions and” wow” effects, all across the country. I am very excited because I love to see people leaving Mexico and talking amazingly about it, people wanting to come back and invite others to come — that is great.

Source: Why are more Indian couples choosing to marry in Mexico?

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