24 Feb, 2024
1 min read

#AI voice clones can now hijack legitimate calls to scam people, #IBM finds

IBM researchers have found a relatively easy way to hijack voice calls using generative AI tools, according to a new report. Why it matters: Many financial institutions and other stewards of people’s most sensitive data lean heavily on phone calls to verify identities. Using low-cost AI tools, scammers can now easily impersonate someone’s voice and […]

1 min read

New #Texas law inspired by WFAA ‘Dirty Deeds’ investigation

DALLAS — Under a new law, Texas clerks can now demand photo identification whenever anyone tries to file paperwork changing a property’s ownership. More importantly, the new law requires clerks to reject paperwork if a person refuses to show identification.  The new law, aimed at curtailing fraudulent deed transfers, took effect after Gov. Greg Abbott signed the […]