Shaz & Kiks: #Texas sisters bringing #Indian heritage to Sephora

DALLAS — Texas is Kiku Chaudhuri’s home.

She was born here. She lives here. She’s a native.

But India — specifically, the foothills of the Himalayas — is her second home.“It was this yearly pilgrimage,” Chaudhuri remembers of the trips she took as a child each year to the country where her parents grew up.

The day after school got out for summer, Chaudhuri, her sister Shaz and their mother would fly to India. They wouldn’t return until a day or two before the fall semester was scheduled to begin.All summer long, the girls immersed themselves in Indian tradition and culture. One of Chaudhuri’s favorite memories was picking plants, flowers and herbs from her grandmother’s garden to use as part of their skin and haircare routines.

Source: Shaz & Kiks: Texas sisters bringing Indian heritage to Sephora |

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