Masaba Gupta: Iconic Innovator and Entrepreneur

Not one or two, but wearing multiple hats with seamless finesse, Masaba Gupta stands as a luminary of our times, a virtuoso of design, an entrepreneur, and an actor. Masaba, recognized as the Queen of Prints, embarked on her influential journey in the world of Indian fashion subsequent to her graduation from SNDT Women’s University. At a mere 19 years old, her foray into the limelight occurred with a notable debut at Lakmé Fashion Week, establishing a foothold in the industry. The brand that bears her name, House of Masaba, is distinguished by a recognizable design language that challenges conventions, seamlessly merging inventive silhouettes with an air of sophistication.

The expansive portfolio curated by Masaba spans diverse clothing lines, ranging from solutions for Indian weddings to high-end resort wear, all distinctly infused with the brand’s characteristic hues, motifs, and aesthetics. Notably, her designs have graced the figures of Bollywood luminaries such as Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan, solidifying her reputation as a designer of choice for the celebrity circuit.

Source: Masaba Gupta: Iconic Innovator and Entrepreneur

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