The pasta sandwich!

Bohn first got the idea in Vegas, “The Pasta Zeppelin was a dish I made for my daughters when they were younger. I was in Vegas a few years back and saw a local concept there that was going viral with it and knew I had to put it on the menu here. Carbs on Carbs is always a win!

“You can get your zeppelin (hollowed-out bread) stuffed with fettuccine alfredo or spaghetti with marinara. The sandwich is served upright in a metal cone holder for easier access. We stuffed runaway noodles back into the bread, made some elbow room, grabbed it with both hands and — squishing it together — took a big bite. It’s so good. The sauce is perfect — creamy and rich — and the garlic bread is warm.

Source: First Look: The Operators Club in the West End is a Pasta Haven | Dallas Observer

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