The Most Colorful Towns in the U.S.

The Florida sunshine turns the ocean a vivid turquoise and down on the Keys, the shallow waters seem even brighter. At the end of the Overseas Highway you’ll reach Key West, where a vibrant community awaits. The colorful Conch Tour Train is the easiest way to get your bearings, departing regularly for a 75-minute loop of the town’s main sights. When you’re done, step inside the canary yellow Tennessee Williams Museum on Truman Street for a deep dive into the life and works of this talented playwright. Later, wander down to the waterfront to watch an orange sunset from Mallory Park while fire-eaters, musicians and street performers provide the entertainment. Nearby, myriad cafés, restaurants, bars and boutiques painted in bold shades entice you to linger.

Source: The Most Colorful Towns in the U.S. | The Discoverer

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