Rat Tourism Is Trending on #TikTok and Real Life, Here’s Why

New York City’s very own Rat Daddy—or Kenny Bollwerk, as he is legally known—is living proof that rat tourism is real and, in his case, it’s directly linked to the goal of rat extermination. After starting the “Rat Tok” TikTok series in which he showcases rat-infested areas in the city, Bollwerk decided to turn these virtual tours—which have helped him amass a TikTok following of over 276,000 people—into physical ones. “We’re all walking around and just kind of rat spotting, just like you would spot planes at an airport, just you’d go to a zoo and stand outside of an exhibit,” he recently told Thrillist. “That’s basically what we’re doing.”

Source: Rat Tourism Is Trending on TikTok and Real Life, Here’s Why – Thrillist

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