Rupali Jain doesn’t chase ‘purple squirrels’

My life journey has taught me many things, but there is one lesson that I constantly find myself circling back to in my professional life — there’s no “one size fits all” solution for building an effective team. The strongest-performing teams are comprised of people from all kinds of cultures, personal experiences and professional backgrounds.Still, managers are always trying to find “purple squirrels,” which are candidates who perfectly align with all of their team or business needs. Finding these individuals is rare, if not flat-out impossible.So, rather than wasting time chasing after elusive “purple squirrels,” leaders need to focus on the true challenge at hand — how to turn a group of diverse individuals into a powerhouse team. Effective leaders cultivate an environment where each new addition can leverage their unique strengths to enhance the overall performance of the team.

Source: In Her Own Words: Rupali Jain doesn’t chase ‘purple squirrels’ – Bizwomen

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